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PM9000DV Patient Monitor

Model: PM9000DV
Display: 15-inch touch screen
Application level: medical level
Product description: Support OEM, reliable performance, cost-effective animal multi-parameter monitor program


                                          15" Multi Parameter Patient Monitor


1. 15" TFT-LCD display, suitable for bedside, operation room, ICU, etc
2. Support various modules including 3/5/12 leads ECG, RESP, SPO2,
    IBP, CO2, AG, etc
3. 720 hours monitoring data storage
4. Bulti-in detachable rechargeable lithium battery(about 3h)
5. Support multi-language, central monitoring system


1. ETCO2
2. IBP
3. 12-lead Electrocardiogram
4. IOC
5. Recorder
6. Central monitoring system
7. Touch screen
8. Trolley
9. Wall mount

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