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Veterinary 12 inch Vital signs Patient Monitor

Model: UN8000EV
Display: 12-inch touch screen
Application level: medical level
Product description: Support OEM, reliable performance, cost-effective animal multi-parameter monitor program

Veterinary 12 inch Vital signs Patient Monitor

1. 12.1 inch large display assures easy viewing of waveforms, numeric values and on-screen trending data 

    for demanding veterinary facilities.
2. Unique designed LOGO for veterinary use only
2. Veterinary specific accessories to accommodate a variety of species.
3. Support multi-language,Chinese,English etc
4. Widely used in pet hospitals and animal clinics etc.
5. Multi-display supported:LCD,HDMI,VGA and miracast
6. Special designed ECG technology with high input impedance to fit different size of veterinaries
7. Special designed NIBP technology with different size of NIBP cuffs for veterinaries

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