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UN8003V Vet ECG Machine

Model: UN8003V
Size: 31*26*8.5cm
Display: 3.5-inch touch screen
Channel: Three channels
Application level: medical level
Product description: Professional production of three-channel electrocardiograph, electrocardiograph, medical electrocardiograph

Veterinary 3Channels ECG Machine


1.    Low weight and compact size
2.    Touch screen and touch key for easy operation
3.    High resolution thermal printer, recoding frequency response ≤ 150Hz
4.    12-lead gathered and amplified simultaneously, 3-channel built-in printer.
5.    Automatic mode and manual mode optional
6.    Color TFT touch screen with 640× 480 dot or 480× 272 dot
7.    Built-in rechargeable Li battery with high capacity
8.    Prompt information for lead off, lack of paper and low battery capacity etc.
9.    Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal recording
10.  Standard input/output interface
11.  RS232 communication interface for linking to special network and setting

Portable digital Veterinary 3 Channel ECG machine 7 Inches Animal Medical Equipment for Vet

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