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PC100EV(SPO2+ETCO2+NIBP) Vital sign Monitor

Model: PC100EV
Size: 146*67*30mm
Display: 3.5 inch
Parameters: SPO2+ETCO2+NIBP
Application level: medical level
Product description: Professional production of veterinary hand-held monitors, hand-held oximeters, hand-held sphygmomanometers

Veterinary Vital sign Monitor (SPO2+ETCO2+NIBP) 


1. Monitoring ETCO2 , respiratory rate, SpO2, pulse rate,NIBP
2. Suitable for clinical and emergency circumstance
3. Application: Veterinary
4. Display: 3.5 inch TFT display


Meet the requirement of EC60601 series
Type of Protection: Internally powered
Degree of Portection: Type BF-Applied part
Protection Against Ingress of Liquid's: IP×2

spo2 sensor for vet