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UNB12V veterinary infusion pump

Size:135*90*135 mm(L*W*H)
Shelf Life:3 years
Quality Certification:ce
Instrument classification:Class II
Safety standard:IEC 60601
Certificate:CE ISO
KVO rate:1-8ml/h
Purge/Bolus rate:300-1200ml/h
Air Bubble detection:Ultrasound sensor detection of air bubble
Infusion mode:Rate mode, Drip mode, Micro mode
Waterproof level:IPX3
Battery:7.4 V, 2400mAh
Type:Anesthesia Equipments & Accessories

UNB12V veterinary infusion pump 

1.Unique designed LOGO for veterinary use only

2.Widely used in pet hospitals and animal clinics etc.

3.Compatible with infusion tubes any standard

4.Three infusion modes for your selection

5.Veterinary specific accessories to accommodate a variety of species.

6.Intelligent pressure detection & occlusion detection(adjustable on 3 levels)

7.Audiovisual alarm, shockproof and waterproof

8.Autosave previous infusion record

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