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The company team visits partner Wuhan Zoncare

110.jpg     On January 5, 2024, the team of Wuhan Union Bio-Medical technology Co., Ltd. organized a visit to its partner Wuhan Zoncare Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd.

        Zoncare Medical was founded in 2005. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, marketing and service of medical equipment. It has an independent and complete research and development, procurement, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service system.

        Zoncare has established R&D centers in Wuhan, Shenzhen and other places, and has obtained more than 120 patent authorizations, including more than 80 invention patents. The products on the market cover two major series: ECG monitoring and ultrasound imaging, all of which have passed China's NMPA registration certification. Some products have also obtained registration certifications such as EU CE, US FDA, Russian GOST-R, and Brazilian ANVISA, which can meet the needs of customers in different countries and levels. need.

      Wuhan Union Bio-Medical technology Co., Ltd.’s visit this time mainly includes:

      1. Understand the operation and management of Zoncare: Visiting the company allows us to personally experience the company's operation mode and management model, and understand the company's organizational structure, decision-making process and management philosophy. It helps us learn from Zoncare’s successful experience and improve our own management capabilities.

        2. Learn about enterprise innovation and technology: Zoncare has unique technology and innovation capabilities in the fields of ultrasound and electrocardiography. Visiting Zoncare can learn about their technology research and development process, product design and production process, etc. This is of great help in learning and applying new technologies and promoting one's own innovation capabilities.




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