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Professional veterinary blood pressure monitor VET800


        Traditionally, blood pressure measurement has not been widely implemented in veterinary medicine, but in anesthesia and disease diagnosis, in addition to monitoring parameters such as body temperature, blood oxygen, and ECG, blood pressure is also a standard parameter that veterinarians need to obtain. However, blood pressure measurement in animals is much more difficult than in humans and requires more attention to detail and operational experience. For example: selection of measurement site, appropriate cuff size, quiet measurement environment and an experienced and patient operator. In addition, during the blood pressure measurement process, it is best to choose the average of 4-8 stable values as the pet’s final blood pressure value.

         The VET800 professional veterinary sphygmomanometer is designed for use with companion animals (especially cats and dogs) to measure blood pressure using the oscillatory method, including systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean arterial pressure and heart rate. Using an algorithm specifically designed for these animal populations, this sphygmomanometer quickly and easily provides reliable blood pressure measurements in awake and poorly perfused animals or in the operating room, ensuring an easier assessment process for veterinarians and staff.



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